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We are the Division of TDHI INTERNATIONAL, dedicated to trade associations and chambers of commerce and craftsmanship all over the world.

Our mission is to give maximum support to Industrial Associations, SMEs and Crafts.

Provide them with services and assistance to retain members and to help Associations and Chambers of Commerce provide essential services to their members during and after Covid 19.

To best carry out our mission, we are developing projects and services.

Through our website and social pages, we will inform and help chambers of commerce and trade associations told them in constructively and straightforwardly of our presence and activity.

Many Associations already have service companies and will surely see us as competitors. The Association that will understand instead that we are here to help them and not to compete with them by providing useful and strategic services for their members in outsourcing.

The Association that understands that we can be a reliable partner and supplier will have a better chance of retaining members and making new ones.

If you are interested in learning more: write to our international secretariat, asking for more information and indicating the website of the Association or the service company.

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